What You Should Know About Bangkok Travel

Undoubtedly, Bangkok travel is very affordable. As one of the South East Asian gems, Bangkok has lots of things to explore. Bangkok is more than just the heaven of temples. It is the country where foods and fun are the main vibes in the country.

Check out everything that you need to know about Bangkok and the unique things about this capital city. You’ll be sorry if you don’t visit this gorgeous city and other cities in Thailand in general.


Bangkok is always popular for its food. It boasts spicy cuisines that might resemble others from most Asian countries. Well, you are right when you think that there are lots of fancy restaurants here. But, the real memorable vacation is nothing but munching spicy chicken strips on street vendors. Food street vendors in Bangkok offer various kinds of spicy foods with a strong Oriental touch. Try fried chicken or noodles that won’t be available in your country. You will notice the real sensation of enjoying authentic Bangkok cuisines.

While Bangkok is classified as one of the most polluted cities in the world, everyone in the city doesn’t mind spending time eating on those street vendors. The most popular place is the Banglamphu. This is the most favorite place among tourists and natives. There are abundant choices of foods, snacks, beverages by cafes, small restaurants, and street vendors; antiques, money exchange agents, used books, tattoos service, hair braiding, tailors, and many more.

Nice Places To Communicate 

Communicating with natives here is much easier. Natives here understand English, and though they might only write down their answers, whenever foreigners ask them anything in English. But, people in smaller cities are not really familiar with English terms, so tourists should have local guides. This is especially when they are about to visit some areas in villages or suburbs. But, people in Bangkok and other cities love to see foreigners and they are very friendly and helpful.

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Skyscrapers Vs Huts 

Just like other developed countries, there are always contrast phenomenon. It is very common to see skyscrapers in the capital city. Yet, huts and very old houses are still there. It is also very unique to notice the lining street vendors that can be viewed through the windows from some fancy restaurants within most skyscrapers.


Everyone agrees that this city is the best place to enjoy the nightlife. For travelers, who aim to enjoy another sample of Asian metropolitan cities, then Bangkok is the best place. Favorite nightlife spots include Chinatown, Route 66 club, Siam Niramit, SF World Cinema, enjoying Calypso Cabaret at the Asiatique the Riverfront, and Tuk Tuk food tour.

But, for the more elegant nightlife ambiance include superb dining at 180° Sky Lounge at the Grand Swiss Hotel, taking a tour in Princess Cruise, and many more. Exploring Bangkok downtown is still safe at night. But, don’t even think to walk alone in other areas.

So, whyy wait? There are still more to explore in Bangkok travel. Never miss any opportunity to miss the most recommended places in this city that you can browse through the internet.

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