Tourist Attraction and Things to Do in Fukuoka

Fukuoka is one of the largest prefectures on the island of Kyushu. There are many interesting places that tourists can visit in Fukuoka. You can find there are a lot of historical old buildings and pieces there. Tourists can also relax in the garden there. In fact, most of these parks have beautiful views and you can take photos to upload them on social media. Some of the places you can visit by using Fukuoka travel can be seen here.

Travel to Uminonakamichi

The park that offers a very beautiful view is Uminonakamichi. You can take a stroll over there and enjoy the beautiful scenery that show colorfull flowers. There are a bunch of blue, pink, red, and white color of flowers. Not far from the place is the Sunshine Pool. The swimming pool is claimed to be the largest in the western part of Japan.

There are many other interesting spots that you can visit close to Uminonakamichi. For example, Marine World which is a large aquarium accommodates many marine species. There are at least 450 types of marine life in the aquarium.

Yusentei Park

A park that has an interesting and different atmosphere from Uminonakamichi is Yusentei Park. It was once the residence of kings in the 18th century. The garden is very beautiful and has many traditional ornaments. Tourists can see the ornate pond where the atmosphere is calm. Suitable to clear your mind from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Kyushu National Museum

The Kyushu National Museum has a very unique design. This unique design has received an award and is the newest museum to open after 100 years. You can see that there are many works of art and also artifacts lined up there. The museum displays the cultural wealth that is there.

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In the past, the city has become an important place for trading between Japan, China and Korea. There are many works of phenomenal art, such as those of Masanobu Kano. Tourists can also enjoy a variety of delicious food at the café or restaurant there. There is even a souvenir center that you can visit there too.

Fukuoka Art Museum

Fukuoka is indeed famous as a historical city that is rich in artists. No wonder there are many art museums in Fukuoka. Other museums that also offer displays of many works of art are available at the Fukuoka Art Museum. The artworks there are not only from Japan, but also Korea. There’s also a collection of Persian objects there.

Fukuoka Tower

Almost in all major cities in Japan there are always icons in the form of tall rises. Tourists can enter the Fukuoka Tower and see the interesting sights around it. The building rises to 234 meters. Tourists can see the view around the tower up to 360 degrees. The scenery will become even more spectacular at sunset.

There is a section full of mirrors in the building. The section has 8000 mirrors used there. Fukuoka Tower is a destination that you need to visit and is on the Fukuoka travel list.

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