What To Expect On Your Hong Kong Travel?

Never doubt to enjoy Hong Kong travel. Whoever visits Hong kong, will dream of coming back. Imagine like you are visiting a miniature of London, with an ambiance like Shanghai. This city has everything from glamorous tourism resorts to the most religious worship places.

Visiting Hong Kong should be well prepared because there will be lots of places to stop by. If you have very limited time, then it is wiser to visit iconic places. Choose the ones where you can enjoy the real taste of Hong Kong for the sake of your memorable holiday.


What to eat on your Hong Kong travel? You can choose any kind of cuisines that you might have never heard of. Hong Kong is rich in seafood. What makes it different from your homeland cuisines is the distinguished spices that you would never forget. The same thing applies to dim sum. All the local cuisines here are worth your pennies. Don’t miss other kinds of cuisines like Italian, Mexican, and all kinds of Mediterranean’s.

If you don’t have time to visit each place, then you can just visit Lan Kwai Fong. It is the base of the most popular dining places with various cuisines. Enjoying the delectable foods on the patios along the sidewalks while seeing people passing by is such a great thing to do here.

Sacred Places

You can visit cathedrals, temples, monasteries here. All of them represent the sacredness that amazes everyone. Among the most recommended religious sites include Po Lin monastery and the Big Budha, St. John’s Cathedral, Wong Tai Sin temple, Ten thousand Buddha monastery, Man Mo Temple, Chi Lin Nunnery, and the list is endless. All of those places have such a long, rich history of Hong kong.

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This is unquestionably the best place for shopping. It is rich in trading places. Enjoy the lively street markets where you can find cheap, iconic Hong Kong antiques and collectibles, or you can enjoy the most glamorous malls. Asian people usually flock to Hong Kong for hunting for the latest fashion products. The most visited places that tourists don’t want to miss is the duty-free stores.

Instagrammable Places

Through decades, Victoria Peak is always the first destination for social-media freaks. Magnificent views of Hong kong is what visitors aim for. This is not the place for first-timers only. Taking the old-style tram is very much memorable, not to mention the ferry riding on Victoria Harbour.

However, Hong Kong will never run out of wonderful sites to take pictures. There are always festivals, not only at the end of the year. It is interesting to enjoy any kind of Chinese festivals in a ‘western-like’ city like Hong kong like Dragon Boat Festival, Spring Festival, and many more.

Family Favorites

Yes, definitely Disneyland is the most favorable place to visit. But, don’t just stop your family trip here. You still can also visit Hong Kong Space Museum, and several zoos as well as nature conservations.

So, if you want to see the whole ‘world’ in one city, then Hong Kong travel should be your next holiday plan.

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