Visit The Authentic Kuala Lumpur’s Landmarks

Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia has an enchanting capital namely Kuala Lumpur. In English, the capital is translated into Muddy Confluence because the land was an estuary of two rivers. Nowadays, land covers many of the nation’s authentic landmarks. They are listed below.

Batu Caves

Though it is not exactly in Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves has varied attractions to enjoy. It is not only a series of limestone hills and caves, but it also is a holy site for Tamil Hindus in Malaysia. There are four major places to visit that are Ramayana cave, Cave villa, Dark cave, and Temple cave. The caves are getting packed by Hindus during the Thaipusam festival (January or February). On regular days, most tourists take pictures in front of the majestic Sri Murugan statue which is the icon of the place.

Jalan Alor

Coming to the city, your trip won’t be complete unless you stop by at Jalan Alor or Alor street to taste one or many different types of local and international cuisines. If you want to feel the hustle and bustle vibe, just come at night. With the light from the streets, motorbikes, and cars, this street food becomes alive at night. Many foods have reasonable prices with varied tastes starting from spicy, mild, savory, sweet, and more.

Bukit Bintang

Another street to visit during the day, Bukit Bintang is the best street to shop in KL. With dozens of malls and shopping centers, you can find branded and high-end products to local products. There is also a shopping center where you can bargain the price.

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Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Have some fun by surfing or riding aquatic rides in this park. There is also a suspension bridge that hangs across the park. As you walk, you can see several attractions below. There is also a zoo that exhibits some wild animals.


Standing for Kuala Lumpur City Centre, KLCC Park has almost a similar function with Central Park in NY. Serving as an open space in the city, the park is for the public and free. There is a lake, children’s playgrounds, a jogging track, and more. It is a good place to have a day out under the sun or to watch the shiny fountain at night. There is public swimming for kids too. Everyone could breathe fresh air in the morning as walking and gazing at the view of KL’s skyscrapers.

KL Tower

The best place to view KL city is the KL Tower. Being the 7th highest tower in the world, you will get a breath-taking view of Kuala Lumpur. There is an observation point on the top and other facilities like a 360o restaurant, Skydeck, Skybox. In the skybox the visitor could experience standing or (mostly prefer) sitting in a room made of glass, so the height view is transparent from above, below, and around. At night, tower lightning displays colorful light projected to the tower. What a wonderful view.

Petronas Twin Towers

Finally the icon of the country, Petronas Twin Tower is a must-visit place in KL. Just take a picture in front of this landmark, then everyone will know that you were in Malaysia. Not all floors are open to the public, because some of them function as offices for famous companies like Microsoft, Bloomberg, and more. Though, there is a famous sky bridge where most visitors took a pic of KL view from the tower.

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