Macau’s Western-vibe Destinations

After being under Portuguese until 1999, Macau has been greatly influenced by western influence in many aspects including the architecture and the attractions. It is no wonder that this region is called the Vegas of China. There are many clubs, casinos, amusement parks, and other entertaining places. Besides those luxurious world-class destinations, these are places in Macau that will make you feel like you are in the west.

Senado Square

As one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites, the square is historically significant because it was the meeting place for the Portuguese and Chinese back then. On this paved area, there are many vital buildings in the past like the Macau General Post Office, Leal Senado Building, and Holy House of Mercy, but nowadays those buildings become museums. The buildings around have European style and the center of the square is the fountain. It gets more crowded when it is used as a place to hold festivals. Many film shootings also take place here.

Fortaleza do Monte

Used to a military center and a fort, Fortaleza do Monte is another UNESCO’s heritage site in Macau. The fort still displays the old replica of fire canons. Visitors could wander around exploring this ancient building. There is also a museum exhibiting more historical stuff. Located in a highland climbing up the fort quite takes the energy, but the view pays off the efforts like the Lisboa casino. There are also escalators to help visitors reaching the top.

Ruins of St. Paul’s

Still, in the series of UNESCO’s heritage sites in Macau, this site stands next to Fortaleza do Monte. Just like its name, the ruins used to be a catholic religious complex in the 17th century. Exactly, it was the largest church in Asia decades ago, but due to fire and typhoon in the 1800s, the building was destroyed. The present ruins are remaining. The standing wall covers some carvings like Jesuit Order, an outstretched-wings dove, the Conquest of Death, and more.

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Guia fortress

Also, part of UNESCO’s site, another enchanting fort in Macau is the Guia fortress. Located in Guia hill the fortress complex covers a chapel and a lighthouse. The hill is also the highest natural point in Macau. By visiting the site, visitors could enjoy the stunning views over Macau and the sea. To avoid walking, there are small Guia cable cars with the entrance from the flora garden.

The Venetian

The best place to gamble in Asia is Venetian. This mega-resort consists of casinos, malls, suites, restaurants, bars, swimming pools, meeting rooms, a golf course, a majestic ballroom, and a vast theatre. The highlight of this building is the canals and gondolas that resemble Venice city. The decorations are on point especially the very realistic sky painting. Most people come to the site place for a staycation or just to gamble.

Coloane Island

The western influence also came into the surrounding islands of Macau including the Coloane island. On this island, many of the houses and buildings’ architecture follow the European style with arched windows and pillars. The famous chapel of St. Francis Xavier is also the same. Most buildings are painted in bright colors. Another thing that has the European taste in this island is the restaurants because there many serve Portuguese dishes and mixed ones.


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