6 Best Nagoya Travel Destinations Worth Visiting

If vacationing to the beach is common, and is definitely already on your traveling list every time you travel, so, why not do things differently this time?  For instance, traveling to a country for its history and culture is not such a bad idea.  Cities in Japan, for example, have cultural destinations with a history that can fascinate any travelers.

Traveling to Japan is not all about Tokyo or Osaka.  Nowadays, Nagoya is becoming more popular with tourist attractions that are worth a visit.

Supposedly known as the city where the past and modern times meet all in one place, as the fourth largest city in Japan, Nagoya travel offers a great tourist destination that features the city’s best cultural authenticity to better understand Japanese culture, and also modern landmarks.

In Nagoya, everything is there to see.  This time, Nagoya travel will review the 6 best destinations in the city that are already popular in the eyes of the world.

Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle has been a symbol of Nagoya since 1612.  Built as a family residence of Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu, it is now a museum that stores historical items from the Edo period.  On the roof of the main tower are two legendary statues of shachi fish with tiger heads that are made from pure gold.

Shirakawa Go Village

In a unique traditional village that has 4 seasons, Shirakawa Go still maintains its Japanese culture and traditions, and also maintains a traditional style of clothing and traditional houses.  The village is so beautiful in the summer, and even prettier when covered in snow.

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The Illumination Tunnel— Nabana No Sato

This place is not just an ordinary botanical garden because at night this garden will be transformed into a garden of colorful lights.  Located in South Nagoya, it would be more fascinating to visit Nabana no Sato at night, so you can witness the illumination of the four seasons in Japan using the colorful LED lights equipped with a 200 meter long tunnel illuminated by millions of LED lights.

Begonia Garden

A spectacular and instagrammable garden with 12 thousand colorful flowers blooming all day long, indoors and outdoors.  Begonia Garden is still one location with the Nabana No Sato.

The Future City— Oasis 21

Located in Sakae, Oasis 21 is a modern and environmentally friendly city park equipped with various qualified facilities (no entrance fee).  Oasis 21 is an elliptical shape building with the combination of a park, bus terminal and a commercial complex where you can take a walk in the glass alleyways or even admire the beautiful night illuminations.

Nagoya City Science Museum and Planetarium

The Nagoya City Science Museum claimed to be the largest and most informative planetarium in the world.  With its unique building shape, visitors will get to see scientific exhibitions, experiments, and projections of natural phenomena, as well as other information related to science and the solar system.

On the list of Nagoya travel, tourist attractions mentioned above, proves that Nagoya is also a must-visit city besides other big cities in Japan!  So, go on a trip to Nagoya with your family and friends.

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